3 Ways To Leverage Social Listening In Digital Marketing

3 Ways To Leverage Social Listening In Digital Marketing

I wanted to do a quick 1-minute bullet list on how you can actually use social listening in a hands-on approach. Not just metrics or brand tracking, but actual ways to leverage that data to help support different functions.

Paid Media Targeting

Social listening tools can provide:

  • a list of top hashtags used in Twitter conversation. Target those in paid Twitter advertising and compare results.
  • a list of keywords to include in SEM campaigns and display campaigns

Influencer Marketing

  • Leverage a list of the top influencers to build influencer marketing programs
  • Analyze top content from influencers and share on your own channels. Spread the love with smart curated content. Get recognized as a thought leader who is interested in the industry trend for real.

Content writing

  • Get the list of the most shared articles by your audiences. Share it with your content marketing/content writing team and get them inspired. Make them focus on what is valuable for the end-user, not the Marcom execs.

If you like this list, please share it with your team/colleagues. Or send a comment if you have any other ideas.

Social Advertising: When To NOT report

Social Advertising: When To NOT report

  1. When you do not know who will read it
  2. If you don’t have confidence in the data you pull from tools/teams
  3. When you do not know what channels are part of the marketing mix.
  4. If you do not know the campaign audience and goals.
  5. If a campaign just launched a few days ago.
  6. If there are no action points you can come up with.

Stop. Breathe. Say no.

Assure stakeholders you’ll be tracking everything and report in due time. Be assertive and explain why you need more time to make sure you have all the data you need and the story behind it otherwise you’ll waste your time. Even worse, you’ll lose the trust of whoever’s reading your work: if you cannot provide value why are you there?

Social Advertising: Paid Metrics, To Optimize Or Not to Optimize?

Social Advertising: Paid Metrics, To Optimize Or Not to Optimize?

Two questions on my mind this Friday:

#1: Ad Relevancy Score: To Use Or Not To Use?

On Facebook I’ve had ads with relevancy scores lower than 5 perform better than ads with higher scores. I was puzzled. If it’s driving conversions I’d say it’s relevant. The platform says it’s not, it’s counterintuitive to me.

But then I came across this quote: ‘determines your audience’s expected reaction to your ad creative’.

So maybe, just maybe, Facebook cannot predict user behaviour after all?

#2: Frequency is a tricky metric. How many times should one person see your ad?

From my experience it depends on the industry and market. And on ad goal, of course.

You might see that you need to serve a shoe ad 3 times before you get a specific target to convert. In contrast, for B2B contact forms your user might need to be reminded 5 or 6 times about the benefits of the product before they actually take time to fill in your lengthy form. And then you just need to track if such a high frequency affectrs your result rate or costs.

Any thoughts on this Please comment if I am way off, let me know what you think.