I wanted to do a quick 1-minute bullet list on how you can actually use social listening in a hands-on approach. Not just metrics or brand tracking, but actual ways to leverage that data to help support different functions.

Paid Media Targeting

Social listening tools can provide:

  • a list of top hashtags used in Twitter conversation. Target those in paid Twitter advertising and compare results.
  • a list of keywords to include in SEM campaigns and display campaigns

Influencer Marketing

  • Leverage a list of the top influencers to build influencer marketing programs
  • Analyze top content from influencers and share on your own channels. Spread the love with smart curated content. Get recognized as a thought leader who is interested in the industry trend for real.

Content writing

  • Get the list of the most shared articles by your audiences. Share it with your content marketing/content writing team and get them inspired. Make them focus on what is valuable for the end-user, not the Marcom execs.

If you like this list, please share it with your team/colleagues. Or send a comment if you have any other ideas.